How Much to Invest in Your Wedding Photography?

Breakdown of best ways to know what to invest in your wedding photography

Budget in life is KEY and in a wedding it is no different. But how much should you spend on wedding photography? This is a very personal question with unique answers to be honest.

It is tough to get a good idea of how much to spend. So many blogs and people have their insights for you telling you to invest some % of your budget or a specific amount even.

My suggestion in this article will be for you to self assess what you feel like is priority to you as an individual. It is a lot more open ended than people think.

After reading this article you get understanding of:

- "Average wedding photographer costs”

-“The truth or myth of “spend 10% of your budget”

-How much wedding photography costs?

-What aspects of a photographer influence their costs

-Is the wedding industry over priced?