•If I could write with the wit of Jane Austen I would require all my birthdays be scripted.

• Life is an adventure, I love trying new things.

• Believe dancing shouldn't be limited to special occasions.

• I sing Christmas music all year long.

• If I owned a pool I would have grown gills by now.

• I could live off Thai Food, tacos and Sushi

• Deeply believe that life is a journey and each day is here to teach us.

• I am idiot savant at Dr. Mario.

• Above all else LOVE.

About me

• I come from a big LOUD family. (notice the caps...)

• A juxtaposition of loving being around people but also being drained by it

• I most definitely can only recall the lyrics of a song while the music is playing... and likely not the right ones.

• I have 4 amazing kids and love them dearly, but desire and cultivate retaining my own identity. 

• Life is balancing act no one has handled but we all work to practice.

• I love to love on people, I'm here to shine selfless love just as Jesus did, no room for hate of anyone! 

​• I am passionate about being healthy: mentally and Physically

• I have always wanted a perm but have never had the nerve to get one... or a hair dresser who would let me.

• When I was a child I believed I could actually be Shirley Temple... just to make this clear: not like her, but actually her.

I'm loads of things, but mainly I am quirky and love to laugh. I'm one of those people who gets confused as an extrovert because I love to make people feel safe and loved. I find no greater joy in my life than helping others find joy in theirs. I want to make your life better, whether you are my cashier or my client.

As your wedding photographer, your happiness and joy is my number one goal. I want you to see how beautiful you are, help you feel confident and relaxed and have a blast in the process. I want you to be able to enjoy your day fully knowing that I have you covered that you will have your magic moments captured!

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Do you see life as an adventure? Are you excited and ready to face life together as a team, come what may? Are you are bold, learning to thrive, and excited for this next chapter? If so, I think we will be fast friends!

About you...

My Favorite Images...

First I want to say thank you for considering me as your Raleigh wedding photographer. This isn’t just another wedding to you…or to me. 

My greatest asset is an ability to make people have fun and feel at home and natural while capturing artistic, editorial and story focused images that capture the magic of the moment.

There are so many wedding photographers. While you are in the midst of considering who to hire as your wedding photographer:

A HUGE recommendation of mine: Consider personality.​Why? You are stuck with this person for more of the day than anyone else. You kind of need to like the person. I personally aim for you and I to be friends... but as long as you're kind of like me, it's a good place to start.

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While I'd love to say I'm everyone's cup of tea... It just isn't the truth!  I have found over and over again couples of mine have similar things in common.

~See life as an adventure
~Excited to face life as a team with their partner
~In love with helping and loving others
~Deeply passionate about making the most of their life
~Desire to make an impact on this world
~Appreciate transparency and desire to live honestly
~Comfortable with me
I strongly believe my best work and your best wedding is created by the relationships formed between photographer and couple. It is this type of couple that I most love to connect with so we can make something awesome together!

If this sounds like you, please contact me right now and I will get back to you as soon as I can 

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