...as the wind came over the balcony and he clasped his hands to avoid showing his nerves.

Those fingers he once kissed to solve a hurt would be tapping his shoulder to like she had shown off her dress ups as a child show off the last dress up before things changed. He knew he wasn't losing her but the change was bittersweet in all the best ways.

As he turned to see his daughter dressed up like the princess she had always been to him, he was all smiles but as they embraced it shifted to a happy welled eye as they exchanged soft words of affection. 

Not a moment missed, so that you can cherish your day while it is happening and again for years to come with your heirloom album


He held his

The process - how it works

I love hearing about you and making sure you have the best wedding!  As a result, I only work with a  limited number of couples per year because I want to produce incredibly unique work that not only captures the beauty but your unique love story 

1. First touch

The Rachel Abi


On this “date” we come together as friends exploring your timeline together to make it exactly what you desire.

You aren’t just a client, you’re a madly in love couple who desire to feel relaxed and radiant in your photos. I desire to get to know you, your love story and values so that I can be sure to capture photos that aren’t just beautiful but embody your relationship. 

2. Confidently Relaxed

Where you feel confidently relaxed in knowing your love story will be cherished and cared for with love. We secure your wedding date and cheer like the long time friends we will soon become!

3. Define the relationship

Imagine your wedding planning process being eased and worries being eliminated. Planning your wedding where someone with experience and expertise is helping you throughout the entire process. That’s the Rachel Abi experience. A place where you are prioritized in an exceptional way.  

4. Your Personal Guide

Laughing like close friends, we will have conspired to find the perfect location for your engagement photos. A location that isn’t just pretty but is uniquely fitting to your love story. It is a time of what feels like friends just hanging out… one just happens to be a photographer. It is an absolute blast and you will get to see first hand what the “Rachel Abi Posing Method” feels like and a peak into how fun and natural your wedding photography will be too!

5. conspiring for perfection

You walk slowly down the aisle overcome with joy, your beloved family all around and the moment passess...Hand in hand you walk to the dance floor for your first dance, whispers and soft laughter and that moment passess...
  But you, as a Rachel Abi Couple, don’t have to worry about any moments being lost. As you fully enjoy being present, you can sit in the relaxed confidence that your day is being documented with special attention to detail and care. 

6. awe-inspiring  history

 The moment your partner's throat caught at the sight of you, that small tear as you listened to your best friend’s toast… all those moments that matter to you coming alive again on your date night or snuggled up with your future kids as they flip through your heirloom wedding album, helping you relive those treasured memories  over again through beautiful artwork. 

7. Cherishing your MAGIC

 Do feel like "I'm ready to find out if we vibe"  If so, time to...

This is the part where you decide...

...her earring yet again. I walked over to Lauren's side and quietly told her that her wedding was on schedule and was going to be amazing, and she was stunning and only had a few more before she would get to have the first look with her spouse to be.

Walking away I heard a gasp, a few boutineers had broken! I walked over to the worried few and said I got this! I'm no florist but I can rig things alright in a pinch. I had some green florist tape in my emergency kit in my car and the day was saved.  

This is just an example of how I try to give each one of my couples one on one attention. I treat each one of my couples weddings like a dear family member and as such only take a limited number of weddings on each year

Your wedding day is a day you should be allowed to enjoy and be present. Let’s make sure that’s true for you! 


In Anticipation, she 

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"Love recognizes no barriers, it jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope."

maya angelou


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