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wedding photographer in Cary, nc

Elegant Storytelling Wedding Photography for couples who desire to feel naturally radiant while having a blast in the process! 

The morning activities had filled the room with laughter but the day hadn't felt real till Vanessa's hand gently drifted down the banister, more to steady her heart and mind than her body.

As she made her way outside, Derek was standing waiting... His back was towards her. With a small smile she watched his hands clenched and flexed.

A soft tap on his shoulder, and then it happened. The passion, joy and love written on their faces... their anticipation melted into excitement as they embraced.  

Watching their memory in the making filled me joy and endless gratitude at the honor of being allowed to be their Cary wedding photographer.

I never thought I'd be a wedding photographer but it began when a close friend had seen my work and asked me to capture their wedding day I took the leap. Standing by their side, creating peace of mind, cultivating a comfortable environment for them to just be them and have stunning photos... it was an amazing experience and I fell in love and never looked back!

I love creating editorial storytelling photos for genuine couples who desire to feel fabulous, natural and relaxed while having a blast in the process!  

See more about the what couples love to work with me! Vanessa, the bride, gazed in the mirror, the long curves of the satin slip gown traced the lines of her body. 

Her silhouette stared

Wedding Photographers in Cary NC - Cary Wedding Photography

back at her...

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Remarkable. True. delightful.

Photographs that freeze your moments in a tangle of focus and frivolity that merge a devotion for honest moments, captured with a striking eye for remarkable beauty along the way...

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Wind tossed my hair everywhere, and the view took my breath away as I sat on this cliffside in Iceland. Experiences like these not only fuel my soul but inspire me to bring a new level of art to your love story.

I focus on cultivating relaxed, fun editorial storytelling wedding photography in Raleigh NC. Enabling you to feel safe, confident, natural in front of the camera while you have a blast in the process!

Wanderer, Adventurer, Mother and Cary Wedding Photographer.

Hello, I'm 

Rachel Abi


You want to remember this day forever, and you want to look back and see more than just pretty details and posed family portraits. This Cary professional wedding photographer is here to capture your love, your relationship, your friendships, and your family authentically, editorially and in the moment whether you are in Cary NC or beyond. The little moments, the in-betweens as I like to call them, are meaningful, let's make them last.

documenting your love through wedding photography


Making memories

personal. natural. iconic.

For couples who love to be themselves and feel at home and desire to have their wedding feel comfortable and reflect them will want to listen to this podcast!

A dozen ways to break free from standard norms or traditions for your wedding. What ways can you fully express your unique personality in your wedding!

the rachel abi show

As a Cary North Carolina wedding photographer, I'm committed to doing the best to improving the wedding industry as well as each and every couple’s experience as they journey towards their wedding day!

published as One of the top wedding photographers in Cary

advice. inspiration. expertise.

We all have our strengths and blessings. Over and over my couples speak to feeling relaxed, natural and loving the editorial nature of my candid imagines. I capture your wedding with editorial story telling images. I both cultivate the feel of a moment but also love photographing the moments as they are happening exactly how they are. But more than anything else when you look back wedding day I desire you to recall the amazing day that celebrated your great love and how much fun you and all you loved enjoyed!

relaxed. natural. candid.

"I have had an incredible experience using Rachel Abi Photography for many of the big moments in my life. She captured my graduation pictures, engagement and my wedding and did an amazing job. Not only is she great at posing you in ways that make you look and feel beautiful but she's also great at capturing the real moments and emotions in her photos. Rachel is great at taking away any awkwardness and making you feel like her friend! That was always my worry when doing photography sessions (me feeling awkward) but she makes it easy to relax and laugh and actually enjoy having your pictures done! I highly recommend her and have greatly enjoyed every session she's done!"
5 Stars


"5 stars all around but I wish I could give her more!  Aside from the beautiful photos, Rachel kept us laughing and smiling the whole time. She is truly talented and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!"

cara and joel

"Rachel is an amazing photographer, but our experience with her was so much more. Everyone was absolutely in love with Rachel, very comfortable continuing to go about their business without feeling rushed or staged. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to someone looking for a photographer."

eric and melissa

"My husband and I knew that we really liked the work we saw on Rachel's website; but when we got our own wedding photos back, we were truly blown away. Absolutely stunning photography, but so natural and so us! Rachel was a blast to work with and had us and our families laughing and fully enjoying our sessions."

jenn and david

"Rachel Abi is AMAZING! She was always one step ahead as to what shot, pose, location was next. Rachel made us feel very relaxed, and I think it showed when we got the photos back. They were simply stunning. I could not have asked for a more professional and fun photographer."

stephen and brandi

"Picking the person who will document your wedding is a SUPER important decision. With Rachel, it was a no-brainer. Every smile, every kiss, and every meaningful moment was captured with such beauty! Thank you thank you thank you for everything you did to make my day so special!!!!!!"

brittany and chris

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Rachel Abi is a Wedding photographer in Cary NC specializing in candid wedding photography as well as natural looking posed wedding photography. As a North Carolina wedding photographer. I am very familiar with both Cary wedding venues and Raleigh wedding venues. I am more elated to talk about options for wedding photography in Cary and I have been labeled as one of the top Wedding Photographers in Cary NC. Open 24 Hours. 7 days a week

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