What is something you always wanted to do but never took the plunge?

This is a great place to start when you are planning your honeymoon. You want to have a honeymoon that cultivates an environment of memories that you can go back to in the harder times that will come and as a place to know how to go back to to refresh the romance!

Maybe it is something relaxed and "Treat yo self" like a spa and being pampered and weighted on. Maybe it is going to the tropics and renting a scooter and exploring. Maybe it is trying to do something to push you on a fear you have. Maybe it is going to NY and watching a show on Broadway and sightseeing.

The elements that make up a great honeymoon to be honest are inside of what makeup you and your fiance!

This may be complicated because of differences you each have or it may be the easiest experience of the entire wedding planning process BUT no matter the best honeymoon is going to come from a place of merging both your favorite things to do as well as some practical bounds.

Let's start with the practical:

We all hate it but budget. Keep in mind what your bottom line is going to be. If you only have $5000 for your honeymoon do you want luxury and less time, do you want simple but longer? There are so many ways to personalize and get amazing memories.

Don't overbook yourself You will want days to just sit and be. Days where if you want you can scrap it all and stay in bed. Be sure you leave room for quiet moments, these small moments will resonate and kindle.

Plan spontaneity This might sound silly but it really is an amazing trick. Leave room in your plans for a day to take a mind of its own. Leave even just a few hours to see something and chase after it and see where it takes you. This can add mystery and new discovery. A great way to literally and psychologically bond is new adventures and fortify memories in a way that are vivid and amazing.

Life is a balance and so is your honeymoon! Keep in mind who you are planning this for: extrovert? Introvert? both? Active or relaxed? Planner or Spontaneous? Keep a balance of activities and downtime. Quiet and engaged. Often opposites attract and even if in just small ways, make sure you plan and dream this up as a team with a balance of activities.