Richmond VA: Historic Church Wedding: Laura and Daniel

A ceremony and love story centered on loving others

His hands clasped together and then flexed at his sides as he bit his lip waiting for Laura to come tap him on the shoulder. To see his love and excitement go from high to over the moon when he could hear Laura but not yet see her was heart melting to watch.

Their gentle love for each other and passion to share life serving others together was so sweet to watch. Daniel is a pastor and Lauren has devoted her live to investing in others and how they speak, walk and live breaths that passion to love others.

It was only fitting that their ceremony did as well. I have be present so many weddings I cannot even begin to count so when I tell you this ceremony lived out Christ's love in a way that was genuine and grounded and cathartic I hope you hear it with that weight.

The pastor on many occasions invited everyone to breath, and be in the moment of what was happening. To look around and take it in. To see and celebrate that we are all there to support and love Daniel and Laura... while this is known and said in ceremonies... That pause, that breath, that taking a moment. It was powerful and grounding and beautiful.

Instead of just music the entire church sang a song together and the passion and acknowledgement of unity was tangible in the air. Daniel looking out over everyone singing began to cry and Lauren's soft caress of his hand and their tender looks... well if you weren't crying before you were then.

I am so very honored to have not only been able to witness this but to have been allowed to capture their story.

Big thank you to:

Hair and Make up: Lou Stevens Glam Squad

Dresss (bride and bridesmaid): Azazie