Harris Lake Engagement Photos: New Hill NC : Lynzee and Josh

When you "fall" in love... see what I did there?

As if often the case as a wedding photographer in Raleigh NC I got the chance to meet Lynzee before Josh. She is the sweetest thing ever and to prove that she is a baker!

I was overjoyed when She and Josh chose me out of all the other Raleigh Wedding photographers! There are so many talented photographers in Raleigh and I know what an honor it is to be picked for such an amazing and special occasion!

I desire and goal every interaction with my clients is to make their day amazing and fun, whether it is just a phone call, a meeting, a smaller session but WAY more so when it is your wedding day.

Engagement sessions are such a great time to see what the experience of posing looks like with me, and how easy and natural it all is. There is not awkward, you know exactly what to do and how to move and are never left in the dark about what is working or how amazing you are!

It was such a joy to get to know Josh and Lynzee and hear about their love story! Thank you for the honor of being able to get to know you, love on you and celebrate this amazing journey of love you are on!

I can honestly say I have the best job ever: if nothing else because I get to meet amazing people like you!