Hanging Rock Park : Adventure Engagement Session : Ann and Young-Hoon

Ann and Young-Hoon are each other's lobster...

Ok so maybe lobsters is a weird reference but for a girl who loves Friends... you'll know what I'm saying.

These two are THE cutest pair. Calmly safe with each other but playful. They push each other to be better but know how to be content and quiet. Sharing interest and willing to put in the work... you can't help but aww shucks at their love.

I felt like thumper in Bambi many times taking their engagement photos at Hanging Rock Park. (I also realized just how out of shape I really was hiking up there too lol).

I cannot wait to be their Raleigh Wedding Photographer this fall and am extremely honored to have been chosen to tell their story out of all the wedding photographers in Raleigh NC!

Nothing gives me more joy than to make your wedding day amazing and to capture your moments forever!