Raleigh Engagement Photography - White Deer Park
- Cara and Joel

If you love animals and you love Pokemon you will likely love these two...

Hearing origin stories of love is heaven on Earth. Cara and Joel is another lovely story with all the love and passion. While their journey didn't start in Raleigh NC their life and wedding will! So honored to have been invited in on this amazing journey!

Cara and Joel have a very full life here in Raleigh and in that includes their love of dogs with their business of walking dogs! They love working together and it shows!

It was a joy to go to White deer park, a haunt they frequent both for dates and work and be allowed to be their Wedding Photographer in Raleigh. I don't take that honor lightly! There are SO many Raleigh Wedding Photographers, to be given the honor of capturing those amazing moments... Is a lot! Thank you Cara and Joel for allowing me in on your wedding!