Eden Try Winery : Stafford VA : Christine and Alex

Not to be held back by Covid, Love and celebration finds a way!

Christine and Alex were a joy to be around. The passion, affection and sheer joy was contagious! Their wedding, like many before them, got delayed as a result of Covid but they didn't let that deter them from looking to the good, finding their joy... to be honest they were an inspiration.

So much of the time we can get caught up or lost in news, the sad things we see and any number of negatives in our life. But their sheer desire to face that hand in hand. To be both accepting that it wasn't what they wanted but also moving forward and making the most of their celebration. Well I hope to be like them when I grow up!

This wedding was a fantastic experience and a joy and honor to be a part of and I cannot say enough great team that made this possible: huge thanks to Eden Try Winery, to their wedding coordinator Stacy of Burleson's Big Day Events and the wonderful videographer Joshua from Wedding Photography and Films! Thank you so much Christine and Alex for allowing me to be with you on your wedding day!