Customizing Your Wedding Budget

Practical ways to figure out how to hone your wedding budget that will fit your individual needs.

Did you know that an average wedding costs about $35,000? Again with how averages work this includes those weddings where they are elopements to those who have a weekend affair.

Know your bounds/limits.

Before you start the planning, really sit down and think hard about what your hard line will be. You might have your ideal budget in mind and that can come into play in the process of decision making.


Once you know where you will have your wedding look into average costs in that area. This will help you know what is realistic for your desires vs. budget.


Sit down and right in order what you value most.

Is it the venue/location the most important? Is it a stunning floral design? Or maybe it is the photographer who will be capturing your wedding memories?

This list of priorities will help you figure out your budget as you go along.

If your dream vendors are out of your budget there are creative ways to cut costs or ask if they have payment plans.

Shortening the guest list is THE best way to cut costs on your wedding budget.

While this is very true this is a very hard thing to do in action. There will be loads of pressure internal and external to invite certain people to your wedding. But if you are certain and serious about trying to get the most from your wedding budget this is THE best way to do this.

For every guest there are costs: save the date, wedding invitations, chair, table setting, linen, meal, beverages, etc Then take that number and multiply it by the number of guests that are extra… the money adds up quickly.

But again this process of cutting is difficult and where to begin?

-When did you talk to them last, has it been in the last 3-5 years?

-Will you notice or miss them if they are not there?

-Are they on the list because you deeply desire them present or because of a feeling of obligation?

Another great thing to help keep your budget down is cut down costs in areas that are less important to you and your fiance.

Examples of areas that could be cut:

-Open bar could be moved to Cash bar or only beer and wine

-Meal: move from a plated dinner to a buffet.

-One location for wedding and reception, this can cut back on costs for transportation and instead just need to have a room flip

Hire a Wedding Planner!

Some people might see this as counterintuitive but the reality is they will be the best equipped to keep you to your budget while getting you the most for your budget and giving you a better experience.

Because of their expertise in the wedding industry they will have many ideas and suggestions to get the best deals and other ways to pull the best wedding they can from your budget.

Do away with some traditions.

Don’t care about a wedding veil? Don’t care about favors? Not sure how you feel about a guest book? Do you care about unity candles?

There are several small things that have been used in weddings traditionally that small costs add up. Think about what ones you don’t care about.

Going with a minimalist design

This can sound like a boring or defeating idea but minimalistic doesn’t mean boring or ugly but streamlining your priorities and taking advantage of your venue's natural beauty and realizing beauty can be simple.