Customizing Your Wedding Budget

Practical ways to figure out how to hone your wedding budget that will fit your individual needs.

Did you know that an average wedding costs about $35,000? Again with how averages work this includes those weddings where they are elopements to those who have a weekend affair.

Know your bounds/limits.

Before you start the planning, really sit down and think hard about what your hard line will be. You might have your ideal budget in mind and that can come into play in the process of decision making.


Once you know where you will have your wedding look into average costs in that area. This will help you know what is realistic for your desires vs. budget.


Sit down and right in order what you value most.

Is it the venue/location the most important? Is it a stunning floral design? Or maybe it is the photographer who will be capturing your wedding memories?

This list of priorities will help you figure out your budget as you go along.

If your dream vendors are out of your budget there are creative ways to cut costs or ask if they have payment plans.