Chapel Hill Bible Church : Elopement in Chapel Hill NC: Holli and Robert

NJ love in NC and here to stay!

These two are not only stunning humans on the outside but sweet as candy inside as well! Robert spoke about meeting Holli for the first time with the most blissful smile and looking off in the distance, almost like he was seeing her again for the first time...

He was on a beach in New Jersey with some friends having a great day of pal-ing around on some Jet skis when Holli came up out of the water...

She says she was looking at her chair, he says she was looking at him... but no matter Robert stood up and with all the gumption in the world he just walked up to her and said "hey, want to take a ride on a jet ski?"

After getting thrown off the jet ski 5 times... and a few talks later they started dating.

Talk about a meet-cute!

It was so great getting to be one of the privileged few there to celebrate with you!

Out of all the wedding photographers in the Raleigh NC area to be chosen as your Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer... well, I am very honored!