Arrowhead Inn and Breakfast: Durham NC Wedding: Melanie and Jackson

A love story that courses throughout time, hurt and loads of learning only to come back into familiar arms...

Have you ever heard a story that sounds like a book?

Well, you're about to. Jackson and Melanie's love story is one that courses through the years with swirls of plot twists.

It starts with MySpace, teen years and angst for days. Jackson randomly came across Melanie's My Space and was struck with her beauty and taste... so he chanced it and messaged her. Melanie messaged back and the two sparked a friendship that led to cute teenage dating.

Break ups were had; years past. Love was found in different ways with different strangers but they remained friends. Through all the hard and instability that life gave them, they both still remained to be able to support each other in friendship.

Two years ago mutually they both decided to move that long term friendship, compassion and loyalty to a more intimate relationship and started dating again. Two years later we find ourselves at their wedding through the winding and tangles of the better part of 14 years finds these two soul mates starting their life together.

It was an honor to be chosen to be their Raleigh Wedding Photographer! Melanie is pregnant with their son EJ who is named in honor of Jackson's late best friend. The two stand strongly and lovingly as a perfectly matched pair who both deeply prioritize loyalty and caring for others. They are such a great balance and their deep passion for each other cannot be denied! Thank you so much for picking me out of all the Raleigh Wedding photographers! It is an honor and joy to be with you on your wedding day!

Venue: Arrowhead Inn and Bed and Breakfast

Dress: David's Bridal

Make up: Boho Beauty Co

Hair: Wanderlust by Tara